About us

For more than 40 years, our organization is focusing on health projects for nonprofit organizations. Every step is made with their mandate in mind. We know what is at stake and challenge ourselves daily to live up to their expectations.

  • Aron Antoni
  • Marko Karlicic
  • Edwin Kleiber
  • Ester Bessenyeiová
  • Saverio De Nitto
  • Shan Su
  • Leyla Abbadi
  • Cristina Landertinger
  • Manpreet Sandhu
  • Ranim Mousa
  • Claudina Comas
  • Margarita Postnikova
  • Burak Tuna
  • Petra Richterova
  • Stefan Neumeier
  • Kristina Kanckova
  • Johann Fladeboe
  • Robert Pyoos
  • Jihan Almouselli
  • Martin Münch
  • Ester Tahiri
  • Oleg Gnatenko
  • Cristina La Riccia
  • Charlotte Meixner-Bernhard
  • Reka Sarosi
  • Wanhui You
  • Riley Reedy
  • Katerina Nikolova
  • Njomza Kondri
  • Klaus Amann
  • Martí Kun
  • Audrey Roca Sanchez
  • Emanuel Raaber
  • Charanya Raman
  • Vilmos Domonkos
  • Ece Gaffarogullari
  • Jordan Ricker
  • Galin Petrov
  • Marina Murillo
  • Danina Takaj
  • Jessica Ferrari
  • Jenny Türk
  • Elaine Martinez
  • Renata Ávila
  • Isabella Barbaresi
  • Yunqi (Lily) Li
  • Laura Puris
  • Amila Perera
  • Almudena Moreno
  • Miria Raaber
  • Latchesar Raltcheff
  • Rony V John
  • Kateryna Tymoshenko
  • Eunsun Yang
  • Marie Kleiber
  • Bassel Maarouf
  • Leon Zhao (Guoxin)
  • Diana Enzaru
  • Lucy Dulanto
  • Catalin Manu
  • Alina Malajev
  • Elva Lee
  • Stefani Atanassova
  • Alejandra Gutierrez
  • Milica Zivkovic
  • Lukas Tussing

We have the most dedicated, experienced and skilled team. When you interact with someone from our team you feel the difference. Our people come from over 20 countries across 5 continents. They have multidisciplinary backgrounds, such as business, pharmacists, medical physicians, scientists or logistic experts.

We benefit from this unique diversity by cooperating very closely. As a team, we always find a solution.

Our values

This is our cause

Our credo

We care
for those
in need.

We are proud that our work improves the lives of millions of people. We value that we partner with the leading humanitarian aid and development organizations and are aware that this privilege comes with great responsibility.

We care
for utmost customer satisfaction.

We ensure that all customer requests are answered in a full and timely manner. Our products are often needed urgently, thus we provide the highest level of delivery quality. At the same time, we constantly seek to improve efficiency and offer the best value for money.

We care
for the wellbeing of our team.

The management acts competently and ethically. Each team member deserves equal opportunity for employment, development and compensation. We ensure that our employees enjoy their work at AMEX.

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